Schroth Exercise Program

Schroth History The Schroth Method was established in Germany in 1921, by Katharina Schroth. Katharina suffered from scoliosis and was told that she would require surgery.  Refusing the procedure and through her intuition she developed a technique that addressed her scoliosis. Her work was refined by her daughter, Christa Lehnert-Schroth who was a physiotherapist. Currently the technique has evolved, advanced and been scientifically validated my Katharina’s grandson Dr. Hans-Rudolf Weiss, an orthopedic physician, Schroth Best Practices Instructor and academic author.

New York Times article featues the Schroth method as a recommended treatment for scoliosis.
Read the full article here.


Benefits of a Schroth Scoliosis Exercises:

  • Diminish or eliminate pain related to the scoliosis
  • Obtain a faster curve reduction or stabilization and
  • Improve appearance and posture
  • Improve lung function
  • Improve strength and flexibility
  • Learn the exercises for home-based care
  • Avoid surgery or manage post-surgery pain
  • Customized for Your Unique Spinal Deformation

"If the patients let themselves go and do not attempt to correct their condition, their body will only do what they tell it to do." Katharina Schroth

How are the Schroth Exercises preformed?

  1.  First make the proper pelvis position corrections
  2.  Do spinal elongation and then rotational angular breathing (RAB) techniques to move spine and ribs into best possible posture
  3. Tense the trunk muscles isometrically, in order to strengthen weak muscles and preserve the corrected posture

Hot off the press - an award winning randomized controlled study on the effect of Schroth Scoliosis Exercises was recently published from the University of Alberta. PhD student Sanja Schreiber finds Schroth exercises substantially improve spinal deformity, self-image and muscle endurance while reducing pain in patients with idiopathic scoliosis.

Read the full article here 

Types of Programs:


2 hour sessions over a 5 day period (Monday to Friday). This program is intended for out-of-town patients. This program is also available for local patients who prefer an accelerated version.


1-2 hour sessions performed 2-3 times per week (intended for local patients). Duration ranges from 10-20 sessions depending on the complexity of the patients scoliosis, postural control and the speed at which the patient learns the exercises.


Patient may come in for subsequent visits as a refresher, as needed.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis at age 30, after I'd began to experience regular pain in my lower back, which was caused by arthritic spurs. Regular exercise did help me with my pain, but I got in touch with Dr. Mendes because I wanted to do more to ensure that things wouldn't get worse. I participated in a 5-day intensive Schroth treatment in January, 2016. I consider my experience with Dr. Mendes a huge success. Not only did I see a significant reduction in my curve (6 degrees in 5 days!), but for the first time since my diagnosis, I felt I really understood my scoliosis. The program goes far beyond learning a few exercises. The chiropractic, massage and traction treatments were actually quite enjoyable, but what I appreciated the most was the opportunity to ask questions (which I did, constantly) and really learn what exactly it is that I am dealing with, and how to approach it in daily life. Since my treatment, I have continued the exercises at home and have made a few adjustments to my everyday life (from how I stand, to what arm I carry my purse on, to how I lounge on the couch after a long day). I rarely have any pain and am looking forward to returning to see Dr. Mendes to see how much progress I have made on my own. Overall, the most important result for me was the confidence I now have in terms of understanding my particular scoliosis, and the optimism that comes with knowing that you have the ability to actually improve your condition. 



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