Gentle Options to Treat Scoliosis

Improve posture, reduce pain, and boost your quality of life.

Avoid Surgery

Positive options to avoid progression surgery.

Regain Hope

Feel empowered an in control.

Enjoy Life

Do More than you imagined.

Scoliosis Solutions for


Work with a professional to create a plan for how to manage the pain and treat the progression of scoliosis.


Scoliosis Solutions for


Quickly and effectively treat the progression of scoliosis in your child to avoid surgery, future pain, and complications


Scoliosis Treatments in Calgary

Don't Allow Your Scoliosis to Progress

Untreated scoliosis becomes progressively worse. This can lead to pain killers, depression, and surgery. There are positive options.


Corrective Bracing

Certified in effective correction bracing with SpineCor and ScoliBrace™.


Trained in Schroth and SEAS exercise and rehabilitation methods.


Receive focused attention to monitor your scoliosis.

Scoliosis Solutions


Patients may suffer unnecessarily simply because many doctors are unaware of the effective bracing and exercise treatments available.

Scoliosis Solutions


Parents are frustrated by the lack of scoliosis information and treatment options. Their child is suffering and they don’t know where to turn.

Trust a Professional

Scoliosis Treatments

Quality of Life

Enjoy an improved quality of life with the ability to do more than you imagined.


Receive focused attention to monitor your scoliosis.

Hope and Support

Feel hopeful and confident under the gentle encouragement of Dr. Mendes.


Avoid Surgery

Avoid progression surgery and be presented with positive treatment options.

Reduced Pain

Reduce constant pain and discomfort. Improve your posture and reduce the severity of curvatures.

Modern Options

Consider the most effective bracing and exercise treatments available today.

Boost Your Quality of Life

Professionally-Guided Options and Support at Every Stage