Next Generation of Bracing

Unlike the older generations of rigid spinal braces, a ScoliBrace™ is designed to position the patient in an over-corrected position that is essentially the “mirror-image” of the patient’s original deformity. The outcome is a reduction of the abnormal curvatures in the majority of cases, in addition to decreasing rib humping, shoulder unleveling, and other postural distortions. In most cases the overall posture and appearance of the patient’s body is greatly improved.

  • Super Corrective
  • Does not cause muscle wasting
  • 3D designed for a 3D condition
  • Patient friendly


ScoliBrace opens and closes at the front making it easy to wear and remove without assistance. The brace is a lower profile that allows freedom of movement and concealment under clothing. There is a wide variety of colours and patterns available for patients to personalize the look of their brace.

ScolioBrace clothing


Each custom ScoliBrace is created by using 3D BraceScan™ technology. This precision imaging software uses an infrared laser scanner that is accurate to less than a millimetre. The scan produces an exact 3D image of the patient’s unique scoliosis.

CAD / CAM (Computer Aided Design and Computer Aided Manufacturing) technology is then utilized to produce digital molds that are used to create the custom construction of the brace.

ScoliBrace case

Types of Braces


ScoliBrace is suitable for treating curves in idiopathic scoliosis effectively between 20-60 degrees in children and adults. ScoliBrace can also be used with non-idiopathic scoliosis patients.

Utilizing the 3D manufacturing process the brace positions the body in an over-corrected or mirror image position which usually reduces the curvature and improves rib humping, shoulder levels and overall postural appearance.



The KyphoBrace is suitable for treating:

  • Scheuermann’s Kyphosis
  • Hyper Kyphosis
  • Thoracolumbar Kyphosis
  • Anterior Sagital Balance


I’m 35 years old, and have dealt with back pain since I was a young teen. There was never a moment when I was without pain – it ranged from a nagging soreness to pain so extreme it kept me from work, school, and life in general. It wasn’t until age 20 that I was diagnosed as having scoliosis, but the general consensus was that it was too late to do anything except chiro, massage, and physio to manage it. I have spent thousands of dollars beyond my benefits trying – unsuccessfully – to manage the pain.

This year, I met Dr. Mendes and was fitted for a ScoliBrace. I’ll admit that it is tough to wear, and tough to dress in such a way that conceals it, but even after 2 months of wear (8h/day) I’ve noticed huge improvements. It’s strange to take off the brace at the end of the day and not have pain. I’m having fewer headaches and fewer cracking joints in my back and hip area.

After beginning to wear the ScoliBrace, I started my Schroth sessions with Dr. Mendes. It has been a game-changer. Simply having the knowledge of how to self-correct my posture has been invaluable. As well, having the ability to work on straightening and strengthening my spine in the right way has given me a source of real hope that I can reduce the pain I’ve been experiencing. Dr. Mendes put in so much care and effort into ensuring that I understood the exercises fully, so that I could continue successfully with Schroth at home. I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Mendes and the Schroth method to anyone who is living with scoliosis.

~ Alyssa in Calgary