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4 Steps to get your own SpineCor Scoliosis Brace

Step 1 – Schedule an Appointment

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Step 2 – Examination

During your first visit we will perform a complete spinal examination. This consists of:

Clinical Examination – history taking, measurements including: scoliometer, height, spirometry, chest expansion and range of motion.

Postural Examination – a digital posture analysis with a laser line to assess all shifts, rotations and tilts of the patient.

X-Ray Examination – spinal x-rays are taken to measure the curvatures (Cobb angles) and establish the specific classification of the scoliosis unique to that patient.

All the examination results are inputted into the SpineCor Assistant Software® (SAS) which is a special software program that helps in the classification of the scoliosis and the likelihood of reducing the curvatures.

What to wear:
To ensure the most accurate results it is recommended that:
Females wear your choice of:

  • One piece bathing suit with a completely open back
  • Bikini bathing suit
  • Sports bra (no “Y” shape in the back) and bicycle type shorts

Males should wear bicycle type shorts.

Step 3 – Brace Fitting

We begin with performing the corrective movements that is specific to each patient to help with the correction of the scoliosis. These corrective movements are the position that the patient will be when wearing the brace and is important the patient and family are familiar with them.

Next we apply the brace: first the pelvic base, the bolero, and finally the corrective bands. When we apply the bands we ask the patient to perform their corrective movements and apply the bands which will hold the patient in these corrective positions.

After the application of the brace we perform the same clinical and postural examinations from the first visit to use as comparison and again enter these figures into the special software. We also take X-rays again to see how the brace has changed the spine and to recalculate the cobb angles.

Lastly we have the patient take on and off the brace 3 or 4 times to make sure they are comfortable with the process and we also provide a printout of detailed instructions on application of the brace.

Females will be provided a body suit by SpineCor to be worn underneath the brace to prevent the brace from rubbing. Males typically use a T-shirt and underwear to wear under the brace.

Step 4 – Follow-up Visits

During the follow-up we perform the clinical and postural examinations in and out of the SpineCor brace. Depending on the schedule that is outlaid for the patient (usually every other visit) a brace adjustment is made and an X-Ray is taken to verify stabilization or correction is taking place.

Patients need to understand the treatment of scoliosis is a slow process and can take several months to several years, but in the long run this will provide the base for the maintenance of the scoliosis out of brace.